Why is Vaastu important for Architecture?

Vastu provides fundamental house construction suggestions that may be used during the construction process as well as during the site selection process. If these really important Vastu suggestions are followed regularly, they can offer the best outcomes in terms of good health, money, success, and satisfaction almost instantly.

For construction, here are some crucial and accurate Vastu tips:

  • Before beginning construction, several factors must be examined, including the plot's form, which is the most vital to identify.
  • Irregularly shaped plots might have a negative influence on inhabitants, therefore choose for a square or rectangle-shaped plot.
  • Vastu advises digging a well in the north-east before beginning building.
  • After the foundation is excavated in the north-east, pillars must be erected first in the south-west, then in the south, west, and ultimately in the east and north.
  • More open space should be allocated to the north and east, and less to the south and west.
  • The main door should be in the east, northern, and north eastern corners of the house. A home with the main door on the southwest end has a less peaceful and always anxious atmosphere.
  • A house with a large main entrance attracts a lot of undesirable visitors, and the residents endure health issues.
  • When all other orientations are appropriate, avoid planting trees in the north-east corner. Heavy trees should be planted on the south, west, and south-west sides of the house.
  • More windows should be placed on the east and north sides, whereas windows and doors should be avoided on the south and west sides.
  • As previously said, the north-east is the first to dig, and Vastu suggests beginning construction here, then moving east, north, and ultimately south and west.
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