6 Amazing Steel Facts

1. The summer heat causes The Eiffel Tower to expand by approximately 6.75 inches.

2. Steel-framed cars first appeared in 1897.

3. The Second Hooghly Bridge in Kolkata is the city's longest and is supported by steel pylons that soar to a height of 127.62 meters (418.7 ft). About 13,200 tons of structural steel were utilized to construct the Second Hooghly Bridge.

4. Steel retains all of its original qualities after being recycled; this is well knowledge. It can be recast into a different shape an unlimited number of times without degrading or losing quality.

5. Steel, even in its purest form, is a thousand times stronger than iron, and it also has some degree of elasticity, making it better able to defend any given structure.

6. In 1856, Sir Henry Bessemer, an inventor, created the first economical method of producing steel, which led to the creation of the Bessemer converter.

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Written By: Diya Basnet

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