TMT bars

The term "thermo-mechanical treatment" is abbreviated as TMT. The need for low-cost reinforcing steel bars with a guaranteed yield point of 500N/mm2 has surged in recent years in the civil engineering sector. This requirement was a result of all industrialized industrial countries' standard standards.
  • Ambe TMT has a strong hold on concrete thanks to its strengthened ribs design, resulting in long-lasting construction.
  • Deterioration Corrosion resistance is bolstered by no torque (twisting) on the form.
  • Strong Welding: Low carbon presence in Ambe TMT helps in easy and strong welding.
  • Ambe TMT is created using automated equipment using Thermex technology, ensuring that each TMT is the same size and weight.
  • Anti-Earthquake Tolerance: Ambe TMT has a unique metallurgical feature that makes it more earthquake resistant.
  • Ambe TMT's unique mechanical and chemical bonding structure makes it more resistant to heat in the event of a fire.
  • Easy to Work With: Because of its elastic properties, it is simple to weld and fold as needed without breaking. Ambe TMT may be used to make mesh, nets, and grids for construction, and its elasticity helps to cut costs.
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