Ambe Steels Promoting Art

Ambe Steels promoting art in Nepal was a campaign organized by Half Full Technology, where they showcased their art skills. Art is not always about the imagination and skills but it is also about exploring yourself. Art is a way for someone who has felt something to express it to other people in a creative way. When a person makes art, he or she is expressing their innermost thoughts and feelings about something they find fascinating and want to share with the rest of the world in their own unique manner.

Purpose of the Event

Through this event, we promoted the culture of art and paintings to all the individuals where they showcased their skills, met like minded personalities and embraced their paintings. To put it simply, art is a means of expressing one's feelings in a non-standard manner. To bring that buried essence and emotion to light for those who appreciate and understand it, an art show is an excellent way to do so; we came up with this art competition. Not only that, but for many talented individuals, painting has long been a lucrative side hustle. As a result, events and exhibitions have long served as a forum for art historians, curators, artists, and current critics to debate and learn more about a specific art form. After the art competition we selected 12 best arts which touched our minds and souls which were published in the Ambe Steels annual calendar and were distributed all over the country.

Theme of the painting

he theme of our painting was strength, and they were all successful in replicating strength through their art. A theme is important in an art because a theme allows you to concentrate on the painting process rather than the end result, it makes sense. However, I find this to be one of the most challenging aspects of my artistic practice.

Program Timeline

We had estimated the number of participants as the seats were already full, but we had more than expected participants who came from Panauti, Dashinkali for the art competition. The event date was on 26th march, Saturday and the event venue was at King's College, Bizulibazar. The program was supposed to start at 8 but the participants were already at the location by 7. Seeing the interest and the enthusiasm in them made us feel happier.


Top 3 paintings were given the cash prizes respectively.

1st place- Rs 10,000
2nd place- Rs 5000
3rd place- Rs 3000

In the first place we had Pratibha Pokhrel similarly, in the second place we had Ratnaman Gurung, and last but not the least in the third position we had Arin Shrestha. They showcased their art in such a way that the judges were galvanized. They had the passion, imagination, enthusiasm and creativity in them to create the masterpiece.

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